General Legal Council


Council for the period "2010-2012"


Mrs. Denise Courtenay S.C


Mr. Derek B. Courtenay S.C


Mr. Oscar Sabido S.C


Ms. Lisa Shoman S.C



Ex Officio members


Attorney General of Belize - Bernard Q. Pitts S.C.


The President of the Bar Association - Jacqueline Marshalleck




There is established pursuant to section 3(1) of the Legal Profession Act, a body to be known as the General Legal Council, which shall be concerned with the legal profession and in particular with upholding the standards of professional conduct.

The Council shall consist of –


  1. the Attorney General;

  2. the President of the Bar Association; and

  3. four persons elected from the members of the Bar Association of whom two at least shall be persons of no less than ten years standing in the profession:

Provided that if the Attorney General is unable to attend, he may nominate a law officer to act in his place. The Attorney General shall be the Chairman of the Council. Where the Attorney General is unable to attend, the President of the Bar Association of Belize shall preside at meetings of the Council. The quorum of the Council shall be four of whom two shall be the Attorney General or the person nominated by him to act in his place and the President of the Bar Association or in his absence the Vice-President.

Any Person alleging himself aggrieved by an act of professional misconduct committed by an attorney-at-law may make application supported by an affidavit of the facts of which he complains to the Council to require the attorney to answer such allegations.

The Council shall after hearing such allegations from a complainant make recommendations to the Chief Justice concerning any complaint filed. Upon receipt of the report of the Council, the Chief Justice shall if he is satisfied that no case has been made out dismiss the application, or where in his opinion a case has been made out, summon the attorney to show cause why he should not be dealt with as recommended by the Council. The Chief Justice may make an order confirming the findings of the Council imposing such punishment as the Council may have recommended or as he may make an order imposing such punishment as he shall think fitting in accordance with the Legal Profession Act.